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 How to Apply

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PostSubject: How to Apply   How to Apply EmptyTue 28 Mar - 4:56

How to Apply?
Step 1: Make sure that you have thoroughly read the informations about our guild. >HERE<
Step 2: Copy the application template below, fill it and send it to Undëe >HERE< or Zap >HERE<. Title must be "Your Character name - Main spec"

Application Info:
Note: Incomplete applications or applications without Logs are not going to be considered.


1. [b]Your age, Country, Occupation[/b]

2. [b]Class, specialization and armory link[/b] (please make sure your armory profile is ready for inspection (main spec, properly gemmed and enchanted)

3. [b]Your Battletag (or email)[/b] - required so we may contact you

4. [b]Computer Specs and internet information.[/b] (Use

5. [b]Confirm you know our raiding schedule and that it is suitable for you.[/b]

6. [b]An estimate of what you expect your attendance to be. Be real.[/b]

7. [b]Previous raiding experience[/b] (guilds you were in, progress achieved and reason for leaving)

8. [b]Recent Logs or old logs if you are a returning player.[/b]

9. [b]Please provide a screenshot of your UI. [/b] (You can also include any videos you recorded while playing)

10. [b]Info about alts, if any.[/b] (Note that if you don't have any raiding alts, you are required to have a minimum of two alts that you can play at a good level for splits.)

11. [b]Can anybody vouch for you ?[/b] (preferably in the guild)

12. [b]How did you hear about our guild, what made you apply?[/b]

13. [b]Why do you wish to join us ? What are your assets as a player ? Why do you think we should trial you ?[/b]

14. [b]Your plans for the next 6 months[/b] ( AFK, vacations, break) ?

Good luck !
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How to Apply
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